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We have a legal department specialized in the real estate area.

Real estate legal advice

Real Estate Legal Advice

We put at your disposal all our professional knowledge in order to provide you with professional and transparent real estate legal advice.. We will guide and advise you until we reach the necessary resolution.

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We have a legal team dedicated to solving any legal or legal procedure that is necessary throughout real estate operations.

These other procedures, we can help you in:

Study and processing of inheritances.

Procedures before the Land Registry.

Preparation of necessary documents for: new construction, new construction modifications, horizontal property division, segregations, groupings, corrections, etc…

Preparation of contracts and private documents.

Resources before the Administration

Advice and mediation in any type of conflict related to property between: relatives, neighbours, co-owners, etc.

Civil proceedings related to any type of property.

Procedures related to official protection housing.

Contentious-administrative processes, expropriations, compensation boards, urbanizations, etc.

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find what you need, leave important procedures in the hands of professionals.