Real Estate Agency

All your procedures in one place with guarantee, trust and professionalism.

Real Estate Agency

Real Estate Agency

We put at your disposal our Real Estate Agency services for all the procedures you need related to your home.

Hire our real estate services

With our wide range of services we cover all the procedures that you need to process your home:

Getting simple notes

Reports of ownership and loads

Change of cadastre

Calculation and liquidation of Capital Gains

Urban verification of real estate

Regularization of farm debts (Community of owners, IBI, etc)

Obtaining NIEs

Calculation and payment of taxes

Obtaining certificates (death, Wills, life insurance). goods inventory

Calculation and payment of taxes (successions, capital gain, etc)

rent your flat,
without worries!

Do not you worry about anything, We will advise you and we will be the point of contact between the owner and the tenant.

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