Real estate management

We offer real estate management services for both individuals and companies.

Real estate management

Real estate management

in the purchase, sale or rental of properties it is important to make the right decision. To make a good choice, it is essential to analyze several options on the market and select the best one.. We have the necessary knowledge and fully updated on the behavior of the market.

Why contract with Margamora real estate your real estate management services??

Our extensive experience in the real estate management service gives our clients the opportunity to receive the best care avoiding any type of inconvenience.. We are specialized in:

The buy and sell of all kinds of properties, both 2nd hand and new construction.

The rent y el Leasing of furnished or vacant houses and apartments, as well as office spaces.

transactions related to commercial premises, hotels and industrial buildings.

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Real Estate Services - Financial advice

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We process the mortgage to make it more comfortable for you, agile and economical.

Real Estate Services - appraisals

Appraisals and Valuations

Preparation of the report supervised by an expert technician.

real estate

find what you need, leave important procedures in the hands of professionals.

Transfer and Sale of Businesses and Companies

Expert consultants in the small and medium business that have all the answers.